Hi, I’m Joanna. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I feel very privileged I can do what brings me happiness for a living. This wouldn’t be possible without a support and constant encouragement of my partner – thanks for believing in me!

I come from a small town in southern Poland. Geography was my favourite subject at school and the Kodak Star FM was the best gift I ever got! My Mama would borrow money so I could go on school trips and see “the world”. I remember she would always get cross with me when I got back from a trip and brought home a full roll of film (or two) and they would all be photographs of landscape and none would have me in it! She used to say: “I can buy a postcard if I wanted to look at landscape!”

Once I finished High School, I knew I need to actually see the world, explore, meet new people, learn new cultures and languages. I’ve been to 6 continents, have visited 47 countries so far and have taken thousands of photos!

I first visited Broome in 2011 and moved here permanently 3 years later. The Kimberley is a paradise for any photographer and I’m so lucky to also call it a home.

I focus on vibrant photos that capture the natural beauty of a subject. I love close-ups that emphasise it and help to celebrate simplicity.

I offer high resolution, non-watermarked images with unlimited personal use. The photos are available for viewing and downloading in the online Client Gallery for your convenience.

I invite you to flick through my portfolio and get in touch if you like what you see!